Where is your Pain? We Can Treat It.

Why do I have headaches?

There are over a hundred different types of headaches. Common causes include muscle tension, whiplash injuries, or nerve irritation.

Greater Maryland Pain Management frequently finds that structural problems are underdiagnosed or not recognized as a source of pain. Our physicians have the necessary tools to diagnose and treat various headaches. We are pleased to provide relief for patients struggling with this debilitating condition.

Is it time to see a Greater Maryland Pain Management physician?

Yes. We are here to help.

We know that headaches and head pain interfere with your work, personal relationships, hobbies, and emotional well-being.

Our physicians have helped suffering patients restore their lives. These patients were previously bogged down with taking medications frequently with little improvement.

How will your doctors help me?

With personalized and effective treatments.

Our board certified pain management physicians will ask when your head pain started, the exact location of the pain, how often you have it, what makes it better or worse, and so on. These questions are designed to initiate a more in-depth discussion. We will design a unique treatment plan based on your history in conjunction with a thorough physical and neurological evaluation.

Learn how we will restore your life with some of the non-surgical tools below:

Diagnostic Consultations

Our highly skilled pain management physicians believe a thorough and accurate evaluation is vital to constructing a successful treatment plan. Your evaluation is the first step to recovery.

Interventional Procedures

Our medical doctors are expertly trained to deliver safe and effective care. Greater Maryland Pain Management is known for providing non-invasive procedures in a soothing environment. Patients find the brief procedures and minimal recovery times to be an attractive solution.

Medication Management

Pain medicine is a complex and nuanced area. Our physicians have the expertise to evaluate and implement pain medications as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition to prescribing traditional pain medications, newer drug therapies are available to improve your quality of life.

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