Medication Management

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Medications as an Option

Pain can bring people’s lives to a grinding halt. When used appropriately, medications can reduce pain and allow patients to work, perform daily activities, and enjoy their favorite hobbies. Pain medications can be combined with other therapies. For example, our quick, safe, non-invasive procedures can give patients significant relief. However, we recognize that in severe instances additional relief is seen in conjunction with medicines. Physical therapy is another tool that can help some patients. Severe pain can restrict people from participating. The medications allow them the necessary relief to complete their physical therapy regimen. Our board certified pain management physicians have the training and expertise to select the most effective medication.
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Choosing the Right Option

Greater Maryland Pain Management believe choosing the right medication is crucial to improving your function. Finding the right medication is a challenge. There are a multitude of drugs on the market with different routes of administration. Drugs can be taken orally, applied as a potent prescription cream or as a patch. Another layer of complexity is created when these individual pain medicines are combined to produce a new drug. The physicians at Greater Maryland Pain Management have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to navigate this complex selection process. We are well-versed in accounting for these and other factors. For example, some people are surprised to learn that pain medicines are designed to treat different kinds of pain.

Opioid Medications

Pain medicines are frequently associated with medications such as morphine, oxycodone, Percocet, or Vicodin. These medications belong to the opioid family and are often used for degenerative conditions, cancer pain, or pain after surgery.

Non-Opioid Medications

Non-opioid medications include anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxers. The newer neuropathic pain medications are designed to target and alleviate nerve-related pain which is often ineffectively treated by opioid medications. The medical community is largely unaware that conditions like lower back pain can be nerve related and requires a better approach.
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Refining Your Options

Part of choosing the right option is fine-tuning your medications. For patients who have side effects or want to limit their medicines, you have many options including delivering powerful pain relievers to the source of your discomfort via interventional procedures. We have the exact training and experience to select the right regimen for you.

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