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At Greater Maryland Pain Management, we feel your pain and will do everything we can to resolve it. We have a deep understanding of the causes behind both unique and the most common forms of pain and understand unique, non-invasive solutions. Pain management is a process that seeks to minimize the pain that people are saddled with to improve their quality of life without the use of invasive surgery. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to live their lives pain-free. Let us empower you to live a healthier, more robust life.
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Where Is the Pain?

Whether your chronic neck and shoulder pain is the result of an injury, pinched nerves, arthritis, or an underlying spinal condition, Greater Maryland Pain Management will develop a treatment plan designed to safely reduce your discomfort without surgery.
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The Most Common Sites of Ongoing Pain

There are many reasons people could be experiencing ongoing pain in their body. From accidents, sports, age, and work-related injuries to debilitating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, otherwise healthy people can be stuck with pain that seems impossible to get rid of. Here at Greater Maryland Pain Management, we believe that our board-certified pain management physicians can eliminate or reduce your pain to allow you to resume your daily activities. Here are some of the most common places people experience nagging pain.

While these are some of the most common areas you might be experiencing pain, we know there is no checkbox that can tick off everything you are going through. We urge you to contact Dr. Vidyarthi if you are experiencing any kind of pain, so he can examine your problems and find an actionable solution.

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The man behind the practice

Dr. Janak Vidyarthi, MD

Dr. Janak Vidyarthi founded Greater Maryland Pain Management to help you overcome the pain that prohibits you from living your life to its fullest. He is fellowship-trained and board-certified in the field of pain management and has helped thousands of people deal with pain throughout his career. He strongly believes that no one should have to live their life in a constant state of pain and has committed his life and this entire practice to making that a reality.
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Dr. Vidyarthi diagnosed my rare disorder. If it wasn’t for him, I would still have horrible pain.

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Finally, I found someone who was able to help me. Thanks!

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Thank God for Greater Maryland Pain Management. In one session, no more pain.

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