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Our Pain Management Physicians Can Alleviate Your Pain

When you wake up and stretch in the morning, you should be able to do so without pain shooting up and down your spine. But that is not always the case. Many people suffer from chronic back pain that prevents them from performing routine tasks often taken for granted. However, you have several non-invasive pain management options to help you resume a happy, active lifestyle. Led by Dr. Janak Vidyarthi, the physicians at Greater Maryland Pain Management provide compassionate, responsive care to alleviate your pain. Our pain clinic near Frederick, MD boasts board-certified physicians and leading interventional pain management. Come see us today for back pain relief and so much more!
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We Treat Underlying Causes of Your Pain, Not Just Symptoms

Our pain management clinic has earned a reputation for providing exceptional care and long-lasting pain relief for Prince Frederick patients. Rather than merely treating your pain symptoms, we address the underlying causes of your pain. When you visit us, you can expect a thorough diagnostic consultation to pinpoint the source of your pain. Once we have an awareness of why you’re hurting, we can devise a customized treatment plan including various interventional procedures, such as:

Where Is Your Pain? We Can Diagnose and Treat It Today!

The type of pain management techniques we use will largely depend on what kind of pain you are experiencing. Our Maryland pain management experts specialize in treating all of the following:
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Why Choose Greater Maryland Pain Management’s Physicians?

At Greater Maryland Pain Management, we believe you deserve to enjoy the things you love. We treat each patient how we would want to be treated, listening to concerns and offering custom treatment options. We typically recommend combining multiple non-invasive approaches, which may involve interventional procedures and medication management for the best results. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or whiplash injuries from a car accident, our pain management physicians are here to help. Rapid pain relief is possible without surgery.

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Playing in the yard with your kids, stretching in the morning, and taking an evening stroll with your partner are all meant to be pain-free activities. If that’s not the case for you, please contact or visit our pain clinic near Frederick, MD. Whether you’re looking for leg pain management or long-term knee pain relief, our physicians will help you restore a sense of normalcy to your life. Your road to recovery begins with a thorough diagnostic consultation when you reach out to us!

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