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Dealing with chronic pain can take a physical, mental, and professional toll on anyone. Chronic pain can force individuals to miss work or even quality time with friends and family. However, it doesn’t have to be a lifelong affliction. The pain management physicians at Greater Maryland Pain Management have extensive experience diagnosing and treating pain. Our pain management clinic in Edgewater, MD features board-certified physicians with a broad range of specialties. Led by Dr. Janak Vidyarthi, our team is committed to providing compassionate, responsive care that delivers long-lasting pain relief.
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We Offer the Latest Interventional Procedures for Pain Relief

Is it time to get help for chronic pain that’s preventing you from enjoying daily activities? Greater Maryland Pain Management specializes in several of the latest interventional procedures for pain relief, including the following:

Wherever Your Body Aches, We Can Treat It Effectively

At Greater Maryland Pain Management, we want to help you live pain-free. Our customized treatments target many common problem areas, including the following:
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Why Seek Pain Relief at Greater Maryland Pain Management?

Many people seek pain relief when pain limits their range of motion or makes it difficult to complete routine tasks. Not all types of pain restrict you from enjoying recreational activities or your professional duties. Pain often manifests itself in various ways. However minor, pain should always be addressed and remedied to avoid further complications. Living an active, pain-free life is a luxury you deserve. Greater Maryland Pain Management would be happy to help you achieve this through a mixture of non-invasive interventional procedures and medication management. Your journey to better health with pain relief begins with a thorough diagnostic consultation with our physicians.

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