Rapid relief. Without surgery.

A great approach

Over the past 100 years, epidural injections have been refined to effectively treat the shooting pain in the arms or legs. This type of pain can arise from degenerative discs (herniated, bulging discs) or degenerative joints in the neck or back. Our board-certified physicians perform this effective, nonsurgical procedure in a soothing, relaxed outpatient environment.

Greater Maryland Pain Management uses a sophisticated state-of-the-art imaging technique (fluoroscopy) to target the spine and its anatomy. These images allow your physician to safely and precisely bathe the irritated area with revitalizing medications. Patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that our pain relieving technique takes less than 15 minutes to complete and does not require surgery.

For great relief

After the epidural, patients relax very briefly in our peaceful spa-like environment. Patients then typically return to the comfort of their own homes, take it easy, and enjoy light activities. Depending on the kind of job (nothing strenuous), some patients choose to return to work after the procedure.

We have provided hundreds of patients tremendous relief with this procedure. They tell us the revitalization leads to improvement in other aspects of their lives. Our patients are excited to report that they feel vibrant with better sleep, that their mood is significantly improved, and that they are able to excel at their jobs.

At Greater Maryland Pain Management, our goal is to help our patients sustain relief without the downtime or need for surgery. Our board-certified physicians are committed to using cutting-edge technologies to combat pain and allow our patients to enjoy a full active life.


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