Bitter Cold Makes for Bitter Joints

There is a brisk, refreshing chill in the air. Redskins and Ravens football jerseys are everywhere and pumpkins appear on door steps throughout our beautiful communities. It’s autumn in Maryland, a great time of the year to get outside and soak up the beautiful change of the season. For many Marylanders this means more activity. We enjoy festivals, corn mazes, running and creating gorgeous fall landscapes at our homes.

For some, this weather cooler weather brings on joint pain. Although the data is inconclusive some experts feel that the drop in barometric pressure associated with autumn may be the primary cause of the increase in inflammation. In a nutshell, the theory is that when there is a drop in barometric pressure inflamed tissue will swell more because there is less pressure keeping the tissue from swelling.

If you are experiencing an increase in joint pain with the cooler weather try bundling up to stay warm. This will help you maintain body heat and good blood circulation. Heating pads can also provide a great way to dilate blood vessels and increase circulation. If your pain persists please contact Greater Maryland Pain Management to find out how our board-certified physicians can help you enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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