Swim Your Way to Better Health

Swimming Is a Fantastic Way to Stay Healthy.

Exercise is excellent for the mind and body. As part of improving your health, it promotes better mood and sleep. As we age, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to endure the stress of certain movements. Swimming provides a great low-impact workout with very little risk of injury. Here are some great reasons to add swimming to your exercise routine:

  1. Weight loss. Swimming burns between 400 and 500 calories per hour, depending on your intensity in the pool. Remember, you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound.
  2. Fat loss. Swimming activates many muscle groups simultaneously for fat loss and muscle growth. For every three pounds of muscle that you gain, you will burn an extra 120 calories per day.
  3. Core stability. Swimming improves posture and flexibility.
  4. Low impact. Swimming won’t impact your joints the way many exercises do, making it an excellent workout for the elderly, pregnant women, and those who have sustained injuries.
  5. Live longer. Swimming provides a great workout for your heart. Swimming just 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce coronary heart disease and lower blood pressure.

Before jumping in the pool, talk with your doctor about starting an exercise program. Call your local gym or YMCA to find a pool and learn how to swim.